Owners and Investors


HALA HOSPITALITY GROUP invites Hotel Owners, Developers and Investors to join us and experience the power of numbers.

As one group, we create value for owners through Procurement, Marketing and Development efficiencies within a professional and branded environment.

HALA, as a Professional Management Company offers 3 core services:

Management Contracts

Where HALA signs into a long term win-win relationship with a hotel owner to operate the hotel on behalf of the owner on a performance based fee that drives revenues and profitability


Where Hotel Owners engages HALA to use our brand, systems and leadership support to operate their own hotels. HALA will further support with Marketing, Procurement and Performance measurement tools. The fee structure again is performance based in relation to revenue and profit growths.


Short term engagements in strategic business turnaround and other specific areas in the operations of hospitality business like Profit Improvement, Timeshare & New Hotel Developments, Specialized Hospitality skill areas such as F&B, Cuisine, Events and Housekeeping.